On Behalf Of Our Sacred Masculine

by Colin Martin

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We Men have come a long way in our relationship to our Women. We wish to continue to cultivate this relationship between the divine sexes from a place of Love and trust and respect. We have remembered to honor the Divine within ourselves and to stand strong in humility and humbled in the Great Mystery. For our creator, we thank you. To ourselves, we give thanks. To our sisters and mothers and lovers, we adore you and give many blessed thanks for you and all your supreme beauty.


To my maker, I am sorry
I have been fixed on pity for far too long
but there is no victim, that's a heavy piece of wisdom
from the elders' vision which I now humbly share in song
picture a place in which the pains we face
need only to be embraced with love and they shall be gone
rainbow horizon, powerful ocean
all our misguided may be mended in the salt of the sea

To my Ego, I am sorry
without your strength, I would not know my whole truth
I'm learning quickly, that you'll always be with me
agree to disagree sometimes but we always follow through
Colin I see you and I'm callin to you
this is your ego and we've got more work to do
but please know I love you and I'm here to help you
each time I die a little more our spirit moves

To my mother, I am sorry
I have made a mess of things beyond your trust
put in my place, I came from dust
and in your face you blush in colors I've only dreamt of
I am your little boy drawn from your golden soil
and never will our love become undone
clean gardens, we've barely started
but give it time my promises will bloom into the sun

To my sisters, I am sorry
if I have made you feel other than loved by me
for we are old souls, mending an old way
we have been blessed to show others an honest way to relate
I do reflect this, deserving Goddess
be my soul mate but maintain your own flame
I am your brother, from the same mother
and so we play for the healing of our family

To my Lover, I am sorry
I have not yet let you see all of me
Images fleeting on other beings
wanting so badly for the unknowing to end
attach desire, wanting your water
until I overcome somethings you'll remain elusive to me
and that's the way we'll dance until the day we dance
and on that day we'll dance to fill a missing piece of harmony




released March 27, 2014
Recorded at TeenFiction studios
Recording engineer: Bob Dawson



all rights reserved


Colin Martin Columbus, Ohio

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